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Black Darter Dragonfly

Black Darter Dragonfly - Western Isles
(Black Meadowhawk) - Sympetrum danae

The smallest of the UK's Dragonflies. This beautiful dragonfly can frequently be seen in The Western Isles, Scotland and throughout the UK. They are known as meadowhawks in the United States.

Black Darter - Heathland & Moorland Species
This small heathland and moorland species is the only UK black dragonfly. The legs are entirely black. The males become extensively black with maturity with a black frons and thorax. This dragonfly is very active late summer liking bogs and wet damp marshy areas.

Black Darter Dragonfly - Description
Some yellow markings remain along the sides of the abdomen & thorax. Females & immature males have a yellow abdomen & brown thorax marked with a black triangle on top. The side of the thorax & the lower part of the abdomen is strongly marked in black. The black darter is 29-34mm long.


Although this dragonfly isn't of the pretty colours that some dragonflies are, it is very interesting to watch. They will perch on a sunny spot on the ground. Their flight is a little skittish, they often fly away as you approach, however on odd occasions they are still & you can get very close view. Males are not territorial, but actively seek out females.

Black Darter Dragonflies Mating
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Black Darter Dragonfly - Hebrides Insect Sightings
The black darter dragonfly likes acidic shallow pools, lake margins and ditches in lowland heath and moorland bogs, usually with bog-mosses and rushes. Adults are migratory and may be found well away from typical habitat.

Dragonflies eggs Laid in Flight
The dragonflies' eggs are laid in flight by dipping the tip of the abdomen into the water.

Dragonfly Eggs hatch following Spring
The eggs hatch the following Spring and the larvae develop very rapidly, emerging after as little as two months.

Dragonflies are really beautiful insects which capture the essence of summer. They act out for you their intricate aerobatics and its a pleasure to watch their behaviour.


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