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Heath Bumblebee - Very Active

The heath bumble bee is very active, rarely settling anywhere for long as it works its way around the heather flowers. Bombus jonellus (Heath Bumblebee) - queens and workers have two yellow bands on the thorax (collar and scutellum). On the abdomen there is a yellow band on the first and sometimes second segment. The tail is white. Males may have yellow hairs on face. However in the hebridean form the tail is buff or yellowish. The sub-species var. hebridensis is endemic to the Hebridean islands of Scotland.

The colonies of this bee are small - only up to 100 worker bees. The colonies exist until maybe SEptember, here in the Hebrides.

How did the bumblebee get its name? Related to the Honeybee? Colonies, Temperature - Body Heat - Life Cycle of The Bumblebee - Hibernation and many more bumble facts

Bumblebees - Western Isles - Heath Bumblebee- Bombus Jonellus
A rather small yellow, black and white-banded bumblebee which is either expanding into habitats it was not previously found in, or has been overlooked in these areas in the past.

It looks very similar to the more abundant and widespread garden bumblebee, Bombus hortorum, which has a much longer face. The heath bumblebee is smaller than the garden bumblebee and has a short tongue.

Although being called the "heath bumblebee" it isn't confined just to heaths.

This bee often nests in birds, squirrels or mouse nests
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