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The buzzard is now the commonest bird of prey in the UK. Persecution of the buzzards started a long time ago and although Henry V111 made it illegal to take eggs, he excluded the buzzard.

The result being that numbers went down - even James 1st actually ordered the destruction of the buzzard - however due to adaptability it survived.
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Bird Overview - Buzzard
Hawks, vultures and eagles (Accipitridae)
Latin name
Buteo buteo


Similar Species
Honey Buzzard
Golden Eagle
Now the commonest and most widespread UK bird of prey. It is quite large with broad, rounded wings, and a short neck and tail. When gliding and soaring it will often hold its wings in a shallow 'V' and the tail is fanned.

In flight the wings have a ragged, moth-like appearance as this bird glides to and fro at a tremendous height. Birds are variable in colour from all dark brown to much paler variations, all have dark wingtips and a finely barred tail.

Buzzards do not normally form flocks, but several may be seen together on migration or in good habitat. They fly slow and catch their prey on the move. Often they can be seen perched on gate posts or branches from where they can lookout for prey. Alternatively, they scan open ground while soaring.

40 and 58 cm (16 and 23 in) in length with a 120cm wingspan and a body mass of 427–1,364 g (0.94–3.01 lb
The buzzards like Wood, moor, heath and farmland
These birds, the buzzards, eat small mammals, birds and carrion, they sometimes eat earthworms and large insects when other prey is in short supply.
The buzzards plaintive mewing call could be mistaken for a cat.
Buzzards nest in trees, woods or on farmland, the nest made from twigs, moss and bracken. The egg size is55 x 44 mm and weighs about 60.0g - of which 8% is shell, the clutch size is 2 - 3 eggs and incubation is 34 days.

Buzzards are about three years old before they first breed. THe males and females take it in turn to incubate the eggs and often the same nest is used as was used a previous year.

Misc. Info
Buzzards do not normally form flocks, but several may be seen together on migration or in good habitat
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