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These beautiful birds the chaffinches are actually uncommon breeders in the western isles.

The lovely Stornoway Castle grounds have facilitated this becoming more frequent in The Isle of Lewis.
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Bird Overview - Chaffinch
Latin name
Fringilla coelebs


Similar Species
The handsome male chaffinch has a pink breast with a blue grey head. A double white wing bar is also quite striking especially in flight.

The wing bars are formed by white patches on the wing coverts, and primary and secondary wing feathers. Its summer plumage is brighter that its winter plumage. White outer tail feathers. In summer, its bill is grey-blue, turning to pale brown in the winter.

The female has an olive-brown back, and grey-brown underparts becoming almost white towards the rump, which is greenish.

The juveniles are similar to the female but lack the greenish rump. Juveniles and females bills are brown.

14cm - - ( Wing Span about 24.5-28.5cm (10-11 1/2 inches)
The chaffinch likes woods,and copses which is probably why it can be seen around Stornoway on the Western Isles - as the castle grounds are a great habitat for this little bird.

Seeds, fruit, berries, insects spiders and grain
The male chaffinch sings all the time during the breeding season. It sings a small number of song phrases. They are usually sung in the same order. Sounds like ‘chip, chip, chip, chooee, chooee, cheeoo.

The chaffinch usually has only one brood - it pairs in winter - however more recently it isn't uncommon for it to have two broods. nesting season they they forage in trees and bushes, hunting for spiders, caterpillars, flies and other invertebrates.

Chaffinches also can feed on flying insects by snatching them from the sky. They lay 3-6 eggs - brown or blue with dark spots - April to July - the incubation period being 11-13 days and the young fledge at around a fortnight

Misc. Info
Chaffinches lives in groups during the winter time, whereas the rest time of the year it behaves rather territorial.

This territorial behaviour is significant especially during the breeding season, when cock birds are trying to drive away all rivals. Finches live in a cup-shaped nest, often situated in a tree fork.

They are usually found hopping on the ground searching for seeds, berries and small invertebrate
Female Chaffinch- Western Isles
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