English Stonecrop - Sedum anglicum - Pink Hebrides Wildflowers

English  Stonecrop White Pink Wildflowers Western Isles

English Stonecrop - Hebrides Wildflowers
These lovely star shaped pink flowers display through the summer months in sprays on top of the succulent leaves.

These wildflowers the English Stonecrop may be small but as the plant spreads and creeps to form great carpets, and there are so many of the beautiful flowers all in one place, it is a truly stunning sight.

Wildflowers in Rocky Crevices
You can see this succulent wedged in the rocky cliff faces and crevices throughout The Western Isles.

It is a low growing perennial

The plant shows its lovely flowers from June through to September. This beautiful delicate looking perennial which grows up to about 5cms has flowers that are about 12mm across.

Five Petals
THe flowers have 5 petals and red follicles. ten contrasting stamens and five carpels.

Carpet of Wildflowers
Each flower is only small, however as the plant creeps and spreads so much, it forms beautiful carpets of wildflowers. a stunning vision to watch out for in The Western Isles

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English Stonecrop - Native to Isle of Harris - Lewis - Uists
The English Stonecrop is a flower native to the Hebrides.It grows in acidic places such as, rocks, dunes and shingle, and dry grassland by the sea, and on walls or hedge banks.

Wildflowers That Like Dry Places
The plant likes dry places and lots of sunshine and grows tucked up in the rocks. The short stalks tinged greenish pink bear leafy clusters of star shaped very pale pink almost white flowers through the summer. They are followed by the pretty red-brown seed capsules

Sedum Family
The English Stonecrop succuclent plant is a member of The Sedum family (Crassulaceae) and likes thin acidic soils.

Bees - Hoverflies Beetles & bugs
English Stonecrop is like by bees, hoverflies and its stems also give a home for some species of beetles and bugs.


English Stonecrop - White Pink Wildflowers

Fruit of The English Stonecrop
The fruit, a collection of erect follicles are red.


It has fleshy evergreen succulent leaves that are tinged red as they age, and are egg shaped, which spread to form a carpet of cover. Fleshy, cylindrical,

Alternate Fleshy Bulbous Leaves

The leaves are alternate. They are fleshy and bulbous. Each leaf is about 4 mm long. The English Stonecrop's leaves are often greyish green, and often turn pink in dry conditions.

This plant belongs to the Crassulaceae or Sedum family.

English Stonecrop
English Stonecrop - Used In Roofing
Various sedum species are often used for roofing (green roofing). This way of roofing actually began many centuries ago in Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

Apparently it gives insulation against the cold and the heat, helps absorb both rainwater and has the added advantahe of suppressing sound. As "green living" is becoming more important, it is gaining in popularity throughout Europe
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