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Geese - greylag goose - the ancestor of most domestic breeds of goose. With its large size and ungainly gait and loud honking call - you cant miss it.

These geese can be seen wandering all over The Isle of Harris and Lewis.. Here are a few photographs and info about the greylag geese as seen in the western isles.
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Greylag Goose -  Western Isles
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Bird Overview - Greylag Geese
Latin name
Anser anser


Similar Species
All other Grey Geese
This beautiful looking goose is actually the ancestor of most domestic geese.

It is a really large bird with an ungainly gait. They are resident breeders in The Western Isles although there are also Scandinavian greylag geese which also breed here - but are just passing through.

It has a pink bill and a pale forewing in flight. This goose has a wide neck with a very bulky body. Its feet and legs are pink

82cm - wingspan 164cm
These birds can be seen on sea coasts, moorlands, fields and rivers. The birds in the Western Isles breed in varied places - sand dunes, shingle banks also frequently inland on moorland

The majority of birds feed on agricultural land: They have been recorded eating turnips, kale, beans, carrots and newly sown grain.
The greylag geese have a loud honking call
The greylag geese build their nests in a variety of places including hollows on the land or on floating vegetation in the water.

They often have a brood of six or more goslings- sometimes as many as twelve. They breed Apr to July and incubation is . 28-29days and the young fledge at 8 weeks

Misc. Info
It is believed that climate change may be a contributory factor to the large increase in the numbers of geese which are fast becoming a problem to farmers and crofters.

The name greylag is explained in many ways - some say the 'lag' refers to it lagging behind on migration -(for those that pass through the Western Isles) or alternatively that 'lag' is and ancient name for goose
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