Greenfinch - Hebridean Birds

Western Isles Birds - Greenfinch. The greenfinch is a rather thickset finch - olive green with prominent yellow wing flashes.

These pretty birds are regulars in the western isles. They love sunflower seeds. The birds song is a mix of twittering notes.

The greenfinch is the largest yellow-green finch. These birds show us a wavering display flight in the spring which shows off their yellow wing and tail flashes.

Greenfinches are always on the move and they often spend time with other Greenfinches.

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Bird Overview - Greenfinch
Finches (Fringillidae)
Latin name
Carduelis chloris


Similar Species
Greenfinches are quite large, about the size if a great tit. In summer, the adult male is an olive-green except for yellow edges to the outer primary wing feathers and tail feathers, and a yellow rump, pinky bills and legs..

The female is grey-brown, slightly streaky upperparts, the underparts being tinged with yellow. The females have less yellow on the wings and tail than the males.

Juveniles look similar to the females, though they have darker streaks

Length 14 - 16cm Weight 10z - up to 30g
The greenfinches like open woodland or farmland, often seen close to houses
These birds eat seeds, buds and berries and insects. They prefer black sunflowers seeds and will at bird feeders often throw to a side any other seeds

Greenfinches have a twittering and wheezing song
The female greenfinches build the nests. Greenfinches nest in colonies in shrubbery. They use twigs and grass, and the nest is lined with fine roots and hair.

The eggs are smooth and shiny and have black markings, the female incubates the eggs, and once hatched both male and female feed & care for them. Some of the Scottish and northern England birds migrate to southern England and even into Europe for the winter

Misc. Info
Greenfinches often form flocks of up to 40birds, they usually live for around two years, although ages of up to twelve years have been recorded.

Greenfinches are often called green linnets or greenie's.

The winter visitors to the Western Isles will likely have come from Norway though there are many greenfinches that are UK residents
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