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Herring Gull
Herring Gulls
The herring gulls have silver-grey backs, white head, neck and underpart. This gulls has black wing tips with white spots or patches. The heavy looking bill has a red spot on underside. Herring gulls have flesh-coloured legs. Immature gulls are speckled brown and grey.

These gulls have pink legs and webbed feet. Their bills are heavy - and slightly hooked - they are marked with a red spot.

Lesser Black Backed Gulls
There are of course lots of different types of gulls to be found in The Western Isles.

The lesser black backed gull is sometimes mistaken for the great black backed gull - but really it is much more graceful and elegant.

It is also similar to the herring gull but the upperwing and back are dark grey to blackish with yellow legs.

Lewisian Gneiss Rock at Mealista Beach - Isle of Lewis
Black Headed Gulls
These gulls are actually its dark chocolate rather than black - is a most elegant bird - with its slender wings with sharp points - red legs and red bill.

The Western Isles has an abundance of these pretty birds.

The range of plumages that they have depends on their age and time of year, as it does for most gulls, and so they are not the easiest birds to identify.

Great Black Backed Gulls
The Great Black-backed Gull is the largest gull found in Britain and, as well as being well-built, it has a powerful bill.

The adult gulls are blacker than the smaller lesser black backed gulls often scavenges like other gulls but it not only poses a real threat to seabird chicks of all species, it can also attack, kill and eat adult birds as big as a Puffin or Coot.

Red Striped Rock at Bosta Beach - Isle of Lewis
Black Headed Gulls - Western Isles Photos

Great Black Backed Gulls Pics and Info

Common Gull
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Lesser Black Backed Gulls
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Common Gulls
The common gull is smaller than the herring gull. It has a thinner bill than the herring gull. It looks like a smaller gentler version of the herring gull.

It has greenish legs and bill with no red spot will confirm that the adult is not a herring gull - though with practice you can see even at a long range the slim shape and the slightly darker back that this bird is more graceful than the herring gull.

Common gull Pictures and Info
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