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Keose - lies on the North Shore of Loch Erisort. It is a crofting and fishing village in The Isle of Lewis. The Keose village was once a farm until the mid 18th century. Sir James Matheson, when he bought The Isle of Lewis had wanted his castle to be built at Keose - but church authorities refused to sell the land and he built it in Stornoway. In 2016 the community of Keose Glebe have completed a community land buyout of their local estate. There are 627 hectares and this includes 11 crofts and several small islands around its coast
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Once a Large Farm

It was once a large farm until mid 18th Century. After that the land fell under the control of the minister in the neighbouring village, which was seen to have been a a concession from the Seaforths (who had purchased The Isle of Lewis and had really wanted to build their castle at Keose, it was then built in Stornoway) in order to placate the ministers who wanted a Glebe for themselves, something the landowners were reluctant to give.

19th Century Keose
During the 19th century Keose was mainly populated by shepherds and farmers, often these would be workers brought in, maybe to help with the harvests


The Keose Glebe Estate is on the East Coast of Lewis, a peninsula of land between the Erisort sea lochs and Leurbost, mostly still subject to crofting regulations. It does also include seven small islands around its coast.

Keose Glebe Estate Ltd

The estate will now be operated on behalf of the community by Keose Glebe Estate Ltd – a not for profit company. The Keose Glebe Estate Ltd is also seeking charitable status







The entire peninsular would at one time have been very busy. It is currently a very peaceful quiet village, but in earlier times there are said to have been many cleits, or stone storage hut or bothies.


Around the village and croft land you can see several ruins of buildings which were there once


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