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There are of course lots of different types of gulls to be found in The Western Isles.The lesser black backed gull is sometimes mistaken for the great black backed gull - but really it is much more graceful and elegant.

It is also similar to the herring gull but the upperwing and back are dark grey to blackish with yellow legs.
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Lesser Black Backed Gull -  Western Isles
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Bird Overview - Lesser Black Backed Gull
Gulls (Laridae)
Latin name
Larus Fuscus


Similar Species
Herring Gull
Great Black Backed Gull
Yellow Legged Gull

The Lesser Black-backed Gull is slightly smaller than the Herring Gull however it has darker grey upperparts - and longer legs and a thinner bill.Its' bill is yellow with a red spot, almost no white spots on the wing tips at rest and yellowish legs. (The underwings of the Herring Gull are pure white.)

The adult's back is dark grey as are the wings, which have white edges and black tips with white spots. The head and body are white in the summer, but the head is streaked with grey in the winter. The bill is yellow with a red spot near the tip and the eye is yellow with a red orbital ring.

The legs are yellow (whereas the Herring Gull's legs are pink) .Juveniles and first winter immature birds are similar to immature Herring Gulls but darker.

The bill is black, the eyes brown and the legs are pink-brown. In their second year, the head and body are whiter and dark grey feathers start to appear on the back and shoulders. The legs and bill also become increasingly like the adult's.

The Lesser Black Backed Gull is 52 - 56 cm,-800 - 1100g

These birds can be seen on sea coasts, moorlands, fields and rivers. The birds in the Western Isles breed in varied places - sand dunes, shingle banks also frequently inland on moorland

Fish,mussels,insects,mice,plant material and rubbish and fish at sea by surface plunging and surface
This gulls call is similar to the Herring Gull's "gah-gah-gah", but rougher sounding.
May to July where 3 eggs are laid. Incubation 25-27days Young fledge at 5-6weeks.

Misc. Info
Over the last 30 or forty years - British birds and some of their continental counterparts were migrants travelling to the Mediterranean areas, or even further for the winter.

Now though they can tend to stay here and winter at home. In the meantime Scandinavian versions of this gull also come to Britain in the winter. These gulls have much darker backs than the British counterparts which is why they can easily be mistaken for Black backed gulls
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