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Orchids - Western Isles Wildflowers

Orchids of The Hebrides
Here in The Western Isles, we are so fortunate to see the lovely orchids displaying sometimes en mass, just interwoven in the machairs.

7 Orchid Types
There are around seven different species of Orchids that can be seen, some of which can readily be seen throughout the spring and summer months and others which are seen only rarely.

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Main Types of Orchids in The Western Isles
The main orchids which you will see are the Hebridean Spotted Orchid, the Heath Spotted Orchid, The Northern Marsh Orchid and the Early Marsh Orchid and many of these orchids often hybridise which results in crosses of the different species. A little more scarce are the The Broad Leafed Orchid, with the Western Marsh Orchid which has only been seen on North Uist and the Lapland Marsh Orchid which has only been seen on The Isle of Harris.

No Spotted or Common Spotted Orchids - Sub Species
The Spotted Orchids that can be seen elsewhere in the UK, we don't get here in the Western Isles, we have the sub species the Hebridean Spotted Orchid and likewise for the Common Spotted Orchids, which aren't seen here, it is the sub species, the Heath Orchid that we see here in The Hebrides.

White and Green Orchids
There are also some really pretty pale orchids, from pale Yellow through to the white and green orchids. The Great Butterfly Orchid and the Lesser Butterfly Orchid aren't seen quite as often and there are also orchids like the Common and Lesser Tayblade, the Frog Orchid and the Bog Orchid.

Fragrant Orchid - Lady Tresses Orchid
A little more rarely seen orchids are the Fragrant Orchid and Lady Tresses Orchid, the orchid which you will be lucky to see and then probably only on Vatersay, Benbecula or Barra.

I have managed to spot some of the more common orchids along with the Lesser Butterfly Orchid and have created detail pages for these orchids. I am hoping that as time goes on I will see many more and detail these as and when. Should you find that I have documented any flowers, incorrectly or wrongly identified any, I will be pleased if you could email chris@gcwweb.com and I will endeavour to correct. I am a novice in flower identification and am learning as I go along. Any information will be great fully received
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