Primroses - Primula Vulgaris - Western Isles Wildflowers

Primroses - Western Isles Wildflowers

Primroses - Cream Yellow Wildflowers
The Primrose wildflower, native to Britain and Europe. Seen all over The Western Isles, a small plant, typically no more than 4ins high. Its flowers which vary in colour from pale cream to deep yellow.

Primrose Description
The crinkled green leaves of primroses form loose rosettes, & are covered on the underside with a fine layer of downy hairs.

Primrose - First Flower of The Year
The primrose is well-known as being one of the very first flowers of the year. Its common name comes from 'prima rosa' meaning 'first flower' and its presence symbolises the spring and Easter has arrived. The pretty creamy yellow flowers, often set against rocks are spectacular.

The Flowers
The flowers vary from pale cream to deep yellow, 20-40 mm in diameter. There are five-petal to each flower with a darker yellow eye.The Primrose is native to Britain and Europe. The five petals represent birth, initiation, consummation, repose and death.

Habitats of Primroses
The primroses flower in woodlands and hedgerows, shaded mountain-cliffs and north-facing banks. Primroses like shaded areas but also like damp conditions.

Insects Find The Nectar
Insects visit the flowers in search of nectar, which is located at the bottom of the flower tube. The primrose provides an important early nectar source for bees and is particularly attractive to bee flies.


Bees Use The Flowers for Food - Dragonfly Larvae & Caterpillars Use
The bees use the flower as food. The plant has little attraction for butterflies but it has a sweet smell which attracts bees and hoverflies. The leaves are also the food plant of dragonfly larvae. The leaves provide food for some moth caterpillars, such as the Belted Beauty and Water Ermine.

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Primrose flowers are of 2 kinds - pin-eyed, with the style above the stamens; and thrum-eyed, with the style below the stamens. For successful pollination, pollen from a pin-eye plant must reach the style of a thrum-eyed plant, or the other way round. Primroses are pollinated at night by moths attracted by the bright petal colours.

Luck in Love

If perchance you find a primrose that has petals, it is said that the wildflower brings luck in love and marriage

Primrose - Isle of Harris
Yellow Wildflowers - Primroses- Hebrides Wildflowers

Many Common Names
The Primrose seems to have amassed many different common names - English Cowslip, Oxslip, Butter Rose, Jack in Box, Jack-in-the-Green, King-Charles-in-the-Oak, Lady's Frills, Milk Maid, Primrose, Primorole, St. Peter's Wort, Summeren, Spink, May Spink, Summerlocks.

Medicinal Uses

Hundreds of years ago, these wildflowers were grown for their medicinal and sweetening qualities, for example, it was believed that stem juice rubbed onto the face removed spots and freckles! Romans used the plant to treat malaria. Primroses were made into a tincture for restlessness and insomnia.

Primroses - Remedy for Rheumatism - Gout
In the early days of medicine, the Primrose wildflowers were considered an important remedy in muscular rheumatism, paralysis and gout. Even today, in herbal medicine the infusion of the root can be taken in tablespoonful doses as a remedy against nervous headaches

Folklore is attached to primroses - some think that primroses give the ability to see fairies.

Primroses - Find the Way to Fairyland

It was also said that if you touched a fairy rock with the right number of Primroses in a posy you will be shown the way to fairyland.

Primrose Posies Left On Doorstep for Fairies To Bless House
Posies would be left on doorsteps so that fairies would bless the house and the people in it. Carry a Primrose flower and peer over the petals in order to see fairies

Primroses - Hebrides Flora
Primroses - Hebridean Flora
Primrose Wildflower - Isle of Harris
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