Purple Irises - Iris versicolor - Western Isles Pink Wildflowers

Purple Irises - Western Isles Wildflowers

Colony of Purple Irises - Isle of Harris
These irises - lovely purple Irises seen in a colony on the Isle of Harris are really pretty. They are a protected species which grow only in the one place in The Western isles

Purple Irises or Wild Hyacinth are a Native Plant of The Western Isles. Growing wild in The Isle of Harris - near Leverburgh. The colony of Irises in Harris probably started as an escaped cultivated plant however now it is a protected species.

Protected Species
These irises - ( a protected species) grow only in the one place in The Western isles . They grow 2 to 3 feet high, with narrow, sword-shaped leaves.

Flowers - May to July
at Leverburgh
From May to July the flowers bloom. large, handsome flowers, blue, except for the yellow and whitish markings at the base of the sepal.

Murals on Egyptian Temples
Minoan murals depict irises. They were painted on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples. So these flowers were as well appreciated in times gone by as they are today!

Many Common Names
The purple irises commonly called many names - one of which is the Harlequin Blue flag is a species that is native to North America.

Greek Goddess
Iris is the name of the ancient Greek Rainbow Goddess, Iride or Iris. It is said that the goddess Iris Iris, rides on the rainbow whilst wearing her multihued robes.

She spreads the message of love and hope & it is the iris – the rainbow flower which on earth epitomizes the good news of the rainbow goddess amidst its shimmer

and radiance.

Taj Mahal
The crystalline white marble of the Taj Mahal is inlaid with iris flowers in a myriad of precious stones.


1st Century Medicine
In the first century CE, the Greek physician Dioscorides prescribed ground iris root with honey and vinegar for coughs, colds, indigestion and sciatica.

In some languages, irises are called flags or sword flags, relating them to symbols of heraldry and royalty, hence the original “Fleur de lys” of heraldry.

Blue Blood - Bravery - Japan
In Japan the shape of the Iris is seen to express heroism. The blue colour refers to blue blood, so irises play a key role in their spring festival for boysa.

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