Red Deer- Western Isles - Wildlife Sightings
The gestation period of the Red Deer is 225 - 270 days. The hind has a single calf (rarely two) in May to mid June. A hind about to give birth leaves her herd and finds a secluded spot, perhaps among bracken, to drop her calf. The calf can get straight up on it's feet, suckles, and can be running around within hours
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Red Deer - Isle of Lewis, Isle of Harris, Uists - The Western isles
During - the rutting season. A stag will go to a peaty bog or muddy pool to wallow, covering its body with mud which helps to spread its strong rutting scent all over the body. The red deer are magnificent creatures and it is a pleasure to see them roaming the hills and forest around The Isle of Lewis and Harris - Western Isles. The eat mainly grasses, leaves, heather and twigs. Their natural habitat was forests, however as forests were felled down in the countryside, the deer have become used to the open moorland and hills.
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