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Huisinish or Huisinis - scottish gaelic - 2 miles along the main road from Tarbert to Stornoway, there is a junction and a road forking to the left, the B887. A single track winding road with ultimately takes you to Huisinis Beach. 15 miles in length it takes you through some of the most magnificent scenery in The Western Isles.
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The Start of Your Journey - Huisinish Road B887 - Winding Single Track Road
When driving along the main road from Tarbert to Stornoway in The Western Isles, after just two miles you will see a junction and a road forking to the left, the B887. (you can see the road in the right of the picture)

This road is a single track winding road with ultimately takes you to Huisinis Beach.

It is 15 miles in length and takes you through some of the most magnificent scenery in The Western Isles. Looking to the South side of the road you will see the Island of Taransay (made famous by the television programme 'Castaway' - which was filmed there). No one lives there now - the last people to reside there was in 1942.


The Middle of Your Journey - Amhuinnsuidhe - Amhuinnsuidhe Castle

Further along the road, ten miles into your journey, you actually drive straight past a beautiful castle. Built in the 1860's for the Earl of Dunmore. You drive through its grounds, through a set of large gates, past cannons situated to lookout to see on your left, and past the huge front doors on your right. The Castle has its own hillside gardens and is surrounded by 55,000 acres of Trust-owned land.

Black Hebridean Sheep - Wild Yellow Flag Irises
In the summer, the wild Irises are lovely and black hebridean sheep can be seen wandering freely around. These sheep are a breed of small black sheep - formerly they were called 'St Kilda sheep' - though they didn't actually originate from there.This breed of sheep - became rare as they were gradually replaced with modern breeds - a few survived and they are now no longer such rare animals.

Journeys End - Huisinis Beach - Then the finale - North Huisinis - Sound of Scarp -

Huisinis Beach
When you reach the end of this road - you are confronted by the lovely Huisinis Beach - which is really stunning. At Huisinis there is a small collection of cottages and crofts. The tiny beach really is a lovely Western Isles beach and you can easily while away a few hours here. However there is just a little bit more 'icing on the cake' - a lot of people don't realise that there is more. The North Side of Huisinis and The Island of Scarp. There's a path that lies behind the Huisinis beach leading to the Sound of Scarp which separates Huisinis from the island of Scarp. You really must venture here.

The Sound of Scarp
It only takes a few moments to walk the path, then you see a view of The Atlantic - straight ahead of you is The Island of Scarp. The island of Scarp played a part in the history of the postal service. In 1934 German rocket scientist Gerhardt Zucher tried to persuade the British government to use rockets to send mail and medicine to remote islands. 30,000 pieces of mail were loaded into a canister and fired from Harris across to Scarp. The singed remains ensured that rocket mail is not a postal option today. The slipway is there for going to Scarp, but like Taransay, today the island is deserted

Golden Road - Isle of Harris
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle - Isle of Harris - Western Isles - This lovely Scottish castle sits by the river and has played quite a part in Scottish history. The castle was built in the 1860's has quite a history. It is now owned by the residents of North Harris and Ian Scarr-Hall..Amhuinnsuidhe is the Gaelic for sitting by the river and that's just what this luxurious castle does .....

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