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Rock Pipits - small streaky bird with rather long legs. These birds have a habit of running or walking rather than hopping. Differs from the similar meadow pipit in that has dark legs - rather broad streaks down its breast and its overall dark plumage.

The rock pipits also can be seen alongside the kittiwakes and auks and also can be seen at the feet of waders such as turnstones. You can see them all over the islands - a delightful bird for the Hebrides. Bird sightings in the Western Isles.
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Bird Overview - Rock Pipits
Pipits and Wagtails
Latin name
Anthus petrosus


Similar Species
Water Pipit
Tree Pipit
Meadow Pipit
The rock pipits are strikingly dark birds, so much so that the black streaks on their underparts become almost lost in a dark grey-brown wash. These birds are larger than the meadow pipits. They are stockily built. The rock pipit has a dark back in the winter whilst in the summer its back is a diffusely streaked dusky olive back.

16.5cm - 17cm
The Rock pipit is almost exclusively a coastal bird .

Insects, beetles, small fish, crabs, mollusc's,worms,small shellfish and seeds
A full strong trill
The rock pipit nest is placed inside a hole in a cliff or in dense vegetation undergrowth. It may have seaweed in it as well as the usual grass and leaves. The female lays between 4-6 eggs. There may be two broods.

Misc. Info

The male rock pipit performs a song flight flying up slowly as it delivers a trill like song - then he returns to land flying like a a paper aero plane with its wings still and with a twisting flight path.

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