Teal - Hebridean Birds Sightings & Photos

Western Isles Birds - Teals - the most liked small diminutive ducks - loved for their plumage.

These ducks are seen all over Scotland and indeed Britain

The male teal has a chestnut and green head. Green and black speculum and white wing bar in flight.

Teal are the smallest common surface-feeding duck, the teal are very agile and quick in flight

Teal -   Western Isles Bird Sightings
Bird Overview - Teal
Swans, Ducks & Geese
Latin name
Anas crecca


Similar Species

The male teal has a chestnut and green head. Green and black speculum and white wing bar in flight . The male's body feathers are grey, with a long white stripe above the wing, and a yellow rear. He has a spotted chest and the tail is black - edged with the yellow with the distinctive yellow patch at the rear.

The female bird is mottled brown with a brown spotted underside. Both sexes have the bright green wing patch and white wing bars and dark grey bills.

36cm (14")
These dabbling ducks like marshes, lochs and shorelines and shallow water.

Seeds and small invertebrates. Teal feed in several different ways - on water they skim the surface or pick up tiny bits of plant and animal matter - they also paddle slowly through shallow water or mud, filtering items as they go along. These birds also eat small crustaceans such as shrimp, and will eat most little creatures they find in the mud
These birds make a whistling sound - the female ducks actually do "quack"

The ducks nest in a down lined hollow - usually near the water. There are 8 - 11 eggs and there is one brood April to June.

Misc. Info

These birds a a Resident Breeder in the Western Isles - also Passage/Winter Visitors . The teal is the smallest dabbling duck in Scotland and indeed Britain. Teals fly in dense flocks - flying quickly and low.

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