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The Mir - The majestic Russian Tall Ship Visits Stornoways - A magnificent sailing vessel built in 1987, the hull is made of steel. The ship is a three mast, fully rigged sailing tall ship. She visited Stornoway during the Hebridean Folk Festival Week in July 2011
Tall Ship - Russian Ship - THe Mir Visits Stornoway
Photo Gallery Hebrides Ships - The Russian Tall Ship - The Mir
Russina Tall Ship visits Stornoway
Packed Events Programmeat Stornoway
The packed events programme organised by Tall Ships Hebrides and led by Stornoway Port Authority entranced spectators and the crews of the Tall Ships

The celebrations saw the arrival and departure of twenty-three tall ships as they took part in the Cruise in Company leg of the races, from Greenock to Lerwick.

Tall Ships Marquee
The Tall Ships Marquee, at South Beach, was busy for the weekend with musical concerts and cooking demonstrations.
Tall Ship - The Mir - Visits Stornoway
The Russian Tall Ship the Mir is the second largest of six sister ships weighs 2385 tonne.

The ship is so impressive, how fortunate were we in Stornoway to get a chance not only to see this magnificent sailing vessel, but also to be welcomed aboard to view the ship in detail.

She was carrying nearly 200 crew and visited Stornoway along with several "tall ships".

The visit took place on the same weekend as the annual Hebridean Folk Festival which meant the town was really busy and the atmosphere was lovely.

The mir was built in 1987 at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland.

It is regarded by many people to be the fastest Class A Sail training ship in the world. The hull was made out of steel.

The name Mir of this tall ship translated into English it means "World of Peace". She is sometimes also called MIR - Class

Sail Training International
The Tall Ships Races are presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International - a charity with a purpose in the development and education of young people, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background.

Tall Ship Originally a Cadet Training Ship

This tall ship was originally constructed as a cadet training ship, designed for carrying between 70 and 144 cadets.

The Mir offers Sailing Trips
In addition to the original training role the Mir now also offers sailing trips, day trips and "cruises" between ports on a commercial basis all over the world.

Sister Ship Built for the Polish Navy

The first of the series of ships was the sister ship built for the Polish navy the Dar MIodziezy followed by the Khersones Pallada (another name of the Athene), Drushzba (English translation means "Friendship") and the Nadeshzda (meaning "Hope") all built for the former Soviet Union

Three Masted Full Rigged Sail Training Ship

This majestic tall ship is a three - masted full rigged sail training ship based in St. Petersburg, Russia, she was built in Poland and once having gone on board, I realised just how huge this delightful sailing ship is.

Owned By the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy
The Russian tall ship The Mir is owned by the Admiral Makarov State Maritime academy. She has traveled over 200,000 nautical miles since 1987 when she first set sail.

The Mir calls at Many Ports
The Mir calls at such ports as Helsinli, Hamburg, Rostock, Bremerhaven, Amsterdam, London and Copenhagen as well as many smaller ports.

Mir is Seen to Be The Fastest Class A Training Ship
Mir is regarded by many as the fastest Class A sail training ship in the world.

8000 People Visited Stornoway to See The Tall Ships
Over 8,000 people visited Stornoway harbour over the past few days to see a fleet of tall ships including The reag "Mir".
One of The Crows Nests on THe russioan Tall Ship - The Mir
This tall sailing ship has since the eighties been the training ship for the Makarov Maritime Academy in St Petersburg.

It is on this ship that many engineers and navigators take their training ready for the Russian Merchant fleet.

Ships Dimensions
The vessel is 109.2metres in length. She has a beam or width of 14 metres and a depth of 6.40metres.

Masts - Sizes

The Foremast or main mast is around 50 metres and the Frigate-type rigging comprises of 26 sails with a total area of around 2770 square metres.

Tall Ship Spends Time in the Baltic
The Tall ship the Mir spends time in the Baltic and the North seas during the months April to October.

The tall ship the Mir visits up to twenty different ports - whilst the cadets from the State Maritime Academy and other schools acquire their training.

The Mir Enters International Races
The Tall ship the Mir enters several International Races for Training Ships and has won many races.

Won the Tall Ships Race Five Times
Since 1996 she has won the Tall Ships Race no less than five times.

Awarded The Tall Sips Race Trophy 2 Years Running
The Mir is the only ship in the history of the races to have been awarded the trophy for two years running in 2003 and 2004.
The Tall Ship - The Mir
The Mir - Masts and Sails
Photo Gallery Hebrides Ships - The Russian Tall Ship - The Mir - Isle of Lewis
Photo Gallery Hebrides Ships - The Russian Tall Ship - The Mir
The Mir  - The Wheel
Rigging - Sails on the Tall Ship - The Mir
The Front of the Russian Tall Ship - The Mir
A Crows Nest on the Russian Tall Ship
Ropes on Board the Russian Ship - The Mir
The View Along The Side Deck of The Mir
The Three Crows Nests on the Tall Ship  - The Mir
The Bell - and Ropes On The Tall Ship
Ropes on board THe Russian Tall Ship - The Mir
The Wheel on The Tall Ship - The Mir
The Front of The Mir
The Plaque on THe Russioan Tall Ship - The Mir
The Three Crows Nests on The Mir
Photo Gallery Hebrides Ships - The Russian Tall Ship - The Mir
Ropes on The Tall Ship - The Mir
The View Along the Side Deck on The Mir
       Plaque on The Tall Ship The Mir
The Shps Bell on The Mir
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