Tolsta - Tràigh Mhor Beach - Isle of Lewis - Hebrides

Tolsta is a crofting village on of The Isle of Lewis.. Notable for its sandy beaches which are popular with surfers. The long beach Traigh Mhor is about 2 miles in length - you can walk on the lovely white sands (which are relatively easy to walk on) for the full length of the beach and then return by either walking back along the sands or alternatively walk along the top of the sand dunes. Western isles beaches are really beautiful. The beaches in the Isle of Lewis - Outer Hebrides have golden white sands that will delight.
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Tolsta - Traigh Mhor - Isle of Lewis


The name Tolsta is Norse and first appears in historical records in 1590. The Norse raiders first arrived in the early ninth century, and must have really surprised the small Christian community of Tolsta. Tolsta Beach at the northern end of the B895. This beach is one of the loveliest Hebridean beaches.Tolsta Beach at the North End of the B895. At the end of Tolsta's long sandy beach there are 5 caves only visitable during low tide, these Caves are locally known as "The Caves of Life.". Tolsat beach is A long straight stretch of white sand backed by dunes, this is one of Lewis's finest beaches

Garry Beach
There is also a short distance away the lovely Garry Beach and at the very end of the road you will see the ‘Bridge to nowhere’ and a lovely coastal walk, if you are energetic it can be over fifteen miles long and lead to Ness.

Bridge to Nowhere
The Bridge, sometimes known as Garry Bridge, was one of Lord Leverhume’s failed plans to extent the Eastern road all the way to Ness.

Tolsta is the last village on the road from Stornoway along the east coast of the Island.

More Hebrides Beaches - Back, Col, Gress

Before getting to Tolsta you pass several villages and other smaller beaches, each with their individual character, Coll, Back and Gress being three of the charming Hebrides beaches.

The largest beach , "An Traigh Mhor", is a stretch of golden white sands of over 1.5 miles long. The other beach, Garry Beach, although smaller but more sheltered is the more popular of the two. At the south end of the beach there are 5 rock pinnacles. On top of the largest can be seen the remains of an ancient fort hence the rocks' name "The Castles". These are the remains of "Caisteal a' Mhorair" or Mormaear's Castle.


Tolsta Head - Ghioridail Beach
Tolsta Head - Rubha Tholastaidh in Gaelic - (or Ghioridail Beach) is a cliff-girt headland projecting from the east coast of Lewis. This Beach is south of the other Traigh Mhor and Garry. The High Cliffs shelter this beach which attracts many nesting sea birds each summer. At each end ithere are rock pools that are the home of crabs, mussels and whelks. The seaweeds here are amazing colours......

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