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Traigh Mheilein a beautiful Western Isles beach with pure white fine sand - lies opposite the Island of Scarp. It is a very peaceful Harris beach as it can only be reached by either walking and climbing. From the North side of Huisinis - you take a path - which involves more "scrambling" and climbing than walking - however the views as you traverse the cliffy moorland are well worth it - as is this wonderful beach. This beach makes for great photos and pictures!
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Walk or Rather a scramble up cliffy moorland and own to the Traigh Mheilein Beach
Walk From The North Side of Huisinis to Traigh Mheilein Beach - Isle of Harris
This walk or rather maybe it should be said a "scramble" is a short walk that takes you alongside the cliff tops and moorland where you look across the sea to the Island of Scarp on the opposite side to the lovely white sandied beach of Traigh Mheilein The scramble leads you up the cliff tops and then back down to the Huisinis Jetty

The Walk starts at the Huisinis Jetty
This jetty is so pretty, look across the Atlantic to the the famous "Island of Scarp". From this jetty we have across several visits seen many different birds and even a really huge jelly fish. Even when its the middle of winter, to look out at the crashing waves of the Atlantic and watch the birds, sometimes struggling with the winds, this jetty is one of our favourite places to be peaceful and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of The Isle of Harris.

Jellyfish Swimming seen from the Huisinis Jetty
This amazing jellyfish was swimming just near the Huisinis jetty. We spotted this in June 2010. Although I had seen many different jellyfish on the beaches in the Western Isles, I hadn't seen one as large as this one before and swimming to.

Jellyfish known as jellies or sea jellies. Jellyfish are found in every ocean - from the surface to the deep sea - invertebrates that live in the sea. On the Isle of Harris and The isle of Lewis - you can see many different types of jellyfish

Jetty - So Near Yet so Far
Once having reached the lovely Traigh Mheilein beach, you can look back across to the jetty on the North side of Huisinis

It appears like it is so near, and yes by sea it would be, however for me it was still an hour and a half,s steady scramble/climb to get back to the jetty.

Once rested and having had a picnic, we set of on the homeward journey.

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