Walk From The North Side of Huisinis to Traigh Mheilein Beach
This walk or rather maybe it should be said a "scramble" is a short walk that takes you alongside the cliff tops and moorland where you look across the sea to the Island of Scarp on the opposite side to the lovely white sanded beach of Traigh Mheilein The scramble leads you up the cliff tops and then back down to the Huisinis Jetty
Traigh Mhelein Beach - North Huisinis
Your journey will probably start by your taking the lovely long single track winding road the B887, the Huisinis Road which is situated off the main road Stornoway to Tarbert. The road is situated just two miles before you reach Tarbert. The road is 15 miles in length.
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The single track winding Huisinis Road
The road goes through the most magnificent scenery in The Western Isles. Looking to the South side of the road you will see the Island of Taransay (made famous by the television programme 'Castaway' - which was filmed there). No one lives there now - the last people to reside there was in 1942.

Bird Sightings Western Isles - Harris
As you get along your way on this walk, depending upon what time of year it is you will see a variety of birds.

The one opposite is a wheatear, a migratory bird, which spends its winter across in North Africa, we see them here in late spring and through the summer months.

Other birds to be seen are oyster catchers, pied wagtails, guillemots, fulmars, gulls, buzzards, the lovely diving gannets, and if you are extremely lucky of course the eagles, golden and white tailed eagles.

The Winding Single Track Road Leading to The Start of the Walk

This road is a single track winding road with ultimately takes you to Huisinis Beach. Along the way you will see spectacular scenery and all manner of wildflowers, birds, , a whaling station boiling chimney, Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, black hebridean sheep and even perhaps if at the right time of year, deer.

I wont dwell on what you will se as this page is more about the actual walk at the end of the road.

Upon reaching the end of the road, you will see the Huisinis beach to your right - there is at the left hand side parking spaces and toilets.

You can park your car here - or alternatively, if you drive a few yards along, you will see a sandy track - at the right hand side opposite the beach - and yes - you can actually drive down that track (slowly) - its only a couple of minutes - it leads to the North Side of Huisinis where the jetty is - there is also a parking area here for cars.

The Walk Starts at the Lovely Jetty at the North Side of Huisinis
This lovely walk which takes you to Traigh Mheilein - a lovely white san died beach, with aqua marine blue seas all around you and looking across to the Island of Scarp - is well worth the effort of the scramble. You scramble up the cliff side - not too hard a climb though - easy for most - I suspect.

It took us about an hour and a quarter to reach the beach which is a splendid reward for your efforts. This jetty is so pretty, look across the Atlantic to the the famous "Island of Scarp". From this jetty we have across several visits seen many different birds and even a really huge jelly fish. Even when its the middle of winter, to look out at the crashing waves of the Atlantic is great

Isle of Scarp - Postal Service - Rocket
The Isle of Scarp - opposite the jetty at Huisinis played a part in the history of the postal service. In 1934 German rocket scientist Gerhardt Zucher tried to persuade the British government to use rockets to send mail and medicine to remote islands.

30,000 pieces of mail were loaded into a canister and fired from Harris across to Scarp. The singed remains ensured that rocket mail is not a postal option today. The slipway is there for going to Scarp, but like Taransay, today the island is now very quiet, there just being a couple of houses which are occupied during the summer months.

Atlantic Sea Views all The Way
As you wend your way up the rock face, there are plenty of places for you to stop and admire the stunning scenery or just stop and listen, you will hear the birds.

There are plenty of gulls flying overhead, as well as the shags and cormorants, there were also lots of tiny birds to be seen, like the migrant wheatears who pass through spending their summers here.

Indeed in the later months like November there are snow buntings passing through the Western isles

Spectacular Sea Views
The photo opposite is a glimpse you get of the lovely golden white san died beach, its really quite deceiving as it would appear at first sight like the beach is quite small, in fact it stretches on for quite some length.

The sand is a glorious white colour and so fine - it's made up of partly ground shells which are blown onto the land and help to create the stunning fertile machair which can be seen at Huisinis

Jellyfish seen at North Huisinis Jetty

From the jetty you can watch the birds, sometimes struggling with the winds, this jetty is one of our favourite places to be peaceful and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of The Isle of Harris.

Jellyfish Swimming seen from the Huisinis Jetty
This amazing jellyfish was swimming just near the Huisinis jetty. We spotted this in June 2010. Although I had seen many different jellyfish on the beaches in the Western Isles, I hadn't seen one as large as this one before and swimming too.

Jellyfish known as jellies or sea jellies. Jellyfish are found in every ocean - from the surface to the deep sea - invertebrates that live in the sea. On the Isle of Harris and The isle of Lewis - you can see many different types of jellyfish

Huisinis Jetty - The North Side of Huisinis
looking across to THe Isle of Scarp.
the Huisinis Jetty
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Photo gallery Traigh Mheilein Walk
Wheater - Western Isles Bird Sightings
Huge Jellyfish seen from the North Huisinis Jetty at The Start of the Traigh Mheilein Walk
Spectacular Sea Views
As your walk gets underway - you cut across the moorland - where you will see a stone wall in front of you with a gate. Once through the gate you walk alongside the wall for a little way - and then onto a rocky stony path which winds its way up the moorland to the cliff side. As we climbed a little way up, we looked down on quite a few birds that were resting on the rocks - shags and gulls.
Atlanic Views as you Climb to Traigh Mheilein
Isle of Scarp
A wheatear seen at North Huisinis
Isle of Scarp - Near North Huisinis
Wildflowers - Geraniums - Malvia
I spotted on the moorland just above the Traigh Mheilein beach. I think they may be a species of geranium, although I am reliably informed that there are about 7 different types that can be seen here on the Western Isles, including common storksbill, herb rocket, cranesbill. They were actually very tiny, and there was only the one patch of them that I could see, made up of about 4 flowers

Beach dance
My daughter and husband, enjoyed the tranquility of the beach when they visited, there was only the four of us on the entire beach and they were dancing on the sand. (Ah - romance is alive!)

The Sound of Scarp separates the island of Scarp from the mainland of Harris. You can see this island straight opposite as you walk towards Traigh Mheilein.

Sound of Scarp
The Sound of Scarp separates the island of Scarp from the mainland of Harris. You can see this island straight opposite as you walk towards Traigh Mheilein.

The Traigh Mheilein Beach on The Warm Sunny Day
As the photographs below show the beach on a very warm bright sunny day, again there were just the two of us on the beach that day .We have now done this walk on about five occasions and enjoyed each walk. Along the way, we have seen all manner of different wildlife and fauna and flora.

Wildlife seen along the way on the Walk to Traigh Mheilein
There have been the birds, buzzards, pied wagtails, gulls, shags, cormorants, seagulls, gannets, oyster catchers, even a snow bunting one time in November. In the summer the moorland is just full of lively rabbits and then there is the lovely machair especially nearer to the Huisinis end.Over the occasions we have visited the North side of Huisinis we have seen many wildflowers, from wild primroses to the geraniums, thrift and many more tiny wildflowers.

The Machair
The most precious though are the flowers which form the "machair". Last year (2010) the flowers were quite prolific making up a carpet covering much of the moorland grass. (this year I don't think the machair has been as successful ) Particular areas of the Western Isles - seem to have their own machair - that is made up of all different types of flowers - sometimes some of the species being only specific to that particular region.

Western Isles council, Conmhairle nan Eilean Siar and Scottish Natural Heritage & the European Union have funded the RSPB Scotland-led project to make sure that the lovely Machair doesn't die away. The hope is that the funding will allow the development of a better understanding as to conserving the machair. The existence of the machair depends on environmental and human factors.

The balance of these has meant that it has survived for many years. its survival is threatened by climate change - sea levels and the ever changing of land use by humans The machair creates perfect conditions for threatened birds like corncrake, chough and corn bunting

Jetty - So Near Yet so Far
Once having reached the lovely Traigh Mheilein beach, you can look back across to the jetty on the North side of Huisinis

It appears like it is so near, and yes by sea it would be, however for me it was still an hour and a half,s steady scramble/climb to get back to the jetty. Once rested and having had a picnic, we set of on the homeward journey.
Machair at Huisinis
Yellow wildflowers - Birdsfoot Trefoil - Close Up
Wildflowers of the Western Isles
- The Machair at Huisinis
Atlantic Views as you climb to Traigh Mheilein Beach
first glimpse of Traigh Mheilein
Nearing the Traigh Mheilein Beach - First Glimpse
The beach at Traigh Mhelein on the lovely warm sunny day - only ourselves on the beach
Wildflowers - Birds Foot Trefoil - Close Up
Romance on the beach
Romance on the Beach - Sonya & Dave
at Traigh Mheilein
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