Walk From Valasay - Great Bernera - To Tobson and Bosta
Valasay, a little hamlet on the Isle of Great Bernera, an island off the west coast of Lewis reached by a bridge that crosses the Atlantic. This walk is easy going fantastic scenery, sea lochs, moorland, boats, wildflowers, birds and peace and tranquility
Valasay Bridge - Great Bernera - Isle of Lewis
Valasay Bridge - Tobson - Bosta
This lovely walk from Valasay to Tobson took us just over 3 and a half hours. We stopped as we reached Tobson - although many of you will want to carry on the extra mile or so up the hill to arrive at Bosta. The beginning of the walk is at the Valasay Bridge.
Photo Gallery - Valasay to Bosta Walk
Small Boat Moored Near Valasay - Great Bernera
Valasay Bridge
We parked the car at the other side of the lovely bridge and walked across. Once across the bridge you will see that there are a couple of houses that have such a picturesque setting. I imagine the fact that all their belongings need to be carried over this tiny bridge is of little consequence.
The common dog violet - a dainty little purple wildflower is seen on the Western isles.

These wildflowers show their heads in late spring. You can also see the Marsh Violet and the Heath Violet.

The Marsh Violet has no leaves on the flower stem and is usually a really pale blue violet colour - almost white and the leaves are rounded at the ends and is common in the boggy wet areas.

Reef Beach

As you get farther along his walk you can look across the sea and at the opposite side there is Reef Beach with the cascading hills in view behind the beach.

Wildflowers -Primroses
Its so nice to see the beautiful flora here in The Isle of Lewis - along this walk there are lots of wild primroses that have just this last fortnight come into flower. The flowers vary from pale cream to deep yellow, 20-40 mm in diameter. There are five-petal to each flower with a darker yellow eye. The Primrose is native to Britain and Europe. The five petals represent birth, initiation, consummation, repose and death.

Tobson - near Bosta - Great Bernera

This is the point of the journey where we could see just ahead and opposite the small hamlet of Tobson. We decided to enjoy our packed lunch here - and turn here to make the return journey to Valasay. For those of you who are more energetic - if you carry on round to Tobson - the walk then continues with a quite sharp climb over the hill for about a mile before you will see the beautiful Bosta Beach
Small Boats Moored
The scenery as you commence the walk is already stunning - this small boat was just tied up ready for use.

Croft house in the Distance
You can see this old now uninhabited croft house in the far left of the picture. It has quite a "haunting" quality as you wonder how long ago it was occupied and by whom - very sad!

Spectacular Sea Views
As your walk gets underway - you pass through a couple of gates passing the two houses that are occupied and walk up the moorland. Almost immediately you are greeted with this spectacular scenery. - the aqua marine blue sea - the big blue skies and the grassy moorland.

The rustic charm of the shingle with the ropes lets you know that this place really is used and appreciated. Today the sea was so blue - this was a fitting opening to the month of May..
Reef Beach - Seen En Route
Waymarkers Line the Route of the Valasay to Tobson and Bosta Walk
Sea Lochs
As you walk on - there are parts of the ground which are quite wet - but not so much as to be impassable, you pass lots of sea lochs.

With the shiny stones and the gravel - and stony ground set against the lochs the moorland scenery is spectacular.

Way markers
This really is a route where you simply cant go wrong, there are plenty of way markers and as you can see the scenery along the way shows you a variety of different scenes and different terrains - from the grassy moorland, through to peat areas and sea lochs and coastline

The peace and tranquility is superb- and the only sounds you will hear is the sea - and the occasional birds - oyster catchers often flying overhead, along with the gulls and the occasional buzzard.

Boats Moored Along the Coastline
Wouldn't you just love to go for ride in this pretty boat. This Great Bernera walk from Valasay to Bosta is one of the prettiest walks we have ever done.

Funghi - Toadstools - Mushrooms
The Western Isles had a great diversity of funghi - mushrooms and toadstools - many of which are really very attractive.

The mushrooms and toadstools come in many different colours and a variety of shapes. I couldn't resist taking this photo of these delightful almost fairytale toadstools, the colour of them was almost golden and showed the almost perfect crazed design
Boat Moored Near Valasay
Loch Seen Along the Walk - Valasay to Bosta
Photo Gallery - Valasay to Bosta Walk
Photos - Gallery for the Valasay to Tobson and Bosta Walk - Isle of Lewis
Sea Loch Seen Along the Walk
Waymarkers line the Route of The Walk
Sea Views En Route Valasay to Bosta
Common Dog Violet - Western Isles Wildflowers

Bosta Beach - Journeys End
The beach of Bosta is arguably one of the prettiest and most popular beaches on the Isle of Lewis and Bosta has the added attraction of the Bosta Iron Age House



Valasay to Bosta Walk - Sea Views
Great Bernera - Sea Views
Wildflowers WEstern Isles - Yellow Primrose
Common Dog Violet - Seen along the Walk
Photo Gallery - Valasay to Bosta Walk
Graham Walking the Vlasay to Bosta Walk - Isle of Lewis
View of Reef Beach Seen On valasay Walk
          Wildflower - Yellow Primrose
Views of Tobson Seen En Route to Bosta
Boat Moored Near a Loch- Great Bernera
Graham on the Valasay to Bosta Walk - Lovely scenes
Great Bernera - Views on the Bosta Walk
Boat Moored Near a Loch - Vlasat to Bosta Walk
Bosta Beach - Heathers in Foregroubd-Western isles Beaches
Bosta Iron Age House and Bosta Beach
Heathers and The Lovely Bosta Beach
Bosta Iron Age House and Beach
View of Tobson Seen From the Valasay Walk
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