Water Lily - Nymphaea alba - Western Isles White Wildflowers

White Water Lily Western Isles

Water Lily - White Wildflowers
Native to the Western Isles - These lovely white wildflowers can be seen in the lochs of The Western Isles. These Water lilies have twenty very large white petals and a lovely bright yellow centre.

These lovely white wildflowers are fairly common in the lochs of The Outer Hebrides.

Largest flower native to Britain
This lovely wildflower is the largest flower native to Britain.

Perennial - Lovely Bronze Leaves
The White water lilies are a wide spreading aquatic perennial with rounded leaves which are a lovely bronze-tinted colour when new, and star-shaped, pure white flowers with yellow centres in summer.

Leaves up to 30cms diameter
The leaves of the water lily can be up to 30cms in diameter & they take up a spread of 150cms for each plant.

Fleshy Underwater Stems
This lovely white lily has fleshy underwater stems that can grow to 6ft below the surface. These stems anchor the plant down.

Water Lilies flower from June - August
It flowers June to August - lovely white wildflowers which open as it becomes light and close as darkness descends in the evening - the plant at that time in the evening partly sinks below the water surface.

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Twenty Petals
The water lily flower has twenty large petals in a double ruff of white petals with a beautifully bright yellow centre. The flowers and the large almost circular leaves float on the surface of still or slow flowing water

Medicinal Uses
The lily plant used to be used for skin treatments - at least the oils of it were extracted for this use

Symbol of Purity
The flower was also thought to be a symbol of purity


Water Lilies in a loch at LOchs - Isle of Lewis
Water Lilies in Loch - Isle of Harris
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