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Wheatears are a small mainly ground-dwelling bird.

Wheatears hop or run on the ground. They are blue-grey above with black wings and white below with an orange flush to the breast.

Here are just a few photographs of wheatears seen in and around The Isle of Lewis and The Isle of Harris..
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Bird Overview - Wheatears
CHats & Thrushes
Latin name
Oenanthe oenanthe


Similar Species

Wheatears - The male has the crown and back pale grey with a pale stripe over the eyes. The sides of the head are black. The underparts, throat and breast or a cream colour - the rump and bottom of tail are white.

The female and young are brownish cream. Males in spring are handsome birds with their blue-grey backs and black eye masks. Females and first winter birds are brown above and usually lack the dark eye patch.

14.5cm - 15.5cm (5 ½ - 6 ins)
Moorlands, dry sunny rocky areas. Found around the UK's coastline in summer and on some inland high moors. These lovely birds can be seen all over the rocks and moorlands of the Western Isles.

Insects - Spiders - Worms and Berries and Seeds
Wheatears can produce a remarkable range of sounds - a fast rattling warble - short chattering phrases interspersed with a whistle.

Breeds in holes in the ground or in walls in areas of short turf such as moors, downs and cliff-tops. These birds now breed in Britain

Misc. Info
A migratory bird which winters in a broad belt across sub-Saharan Africa. The scientific name oenanthe is from ancient Greek and means "wine-flower. A group of wheatears are collectively known as a "bowl" and a "shaft" of wheatears.


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