Western Isles Wildflowers - (By Colour)

Flowers By Colour - Western Isles Wildflowers

Flowers of The Hebrides
The Hebrides has a many lovely wildflowers. Hebridean flowers of all colours, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, White,Red,Blue and many variations in between.

The Isle of Harris and The Isle of Lewis in The Western Isles has the beautiful machair that in summer is a carpet of mixed wildflowers of all colours. Not forgetting of course the beautiful orchids which bloom here in the summer months.

Yellow & Orange Wildflowers
Yellow and Orange Western Isles Wildflowers
From biting stonecrop, primroses, celandine, silverweed, marsh marigolds, gorse through to the lovely lesser butterfly orchid, wildflowers of the western isles.

Yellow & Orange Wildflowers
White Wildflowers
White Wildflowers - Hebrides
Water lilies, bog cotton, sea campion ,sea mayweed, the daisies, eyebright & yarrow. The white wildflowers just as beautiful as the brightly coloured wildflowers

White Wildflowers
Pink, Red & Multi Colour Flowers
Pink Red and Multicoloured Wildflowers
Beautiful pink heathers, ragged robin, the blotched monkey flowers and the most beautiful pink orchids, there are many pink flowers on the islands

Pink & Red Wildflowers
Blue & Purple Wildflowers
Blue and Purple WEstern Isles Wildflowers
Blue and Purple flowers. of The Western Isles. From the bluebells, harebells, butterwort, forget me nots to field gentians, lovely orchids, scabious, spring squill.

Blue and Purple Wildflowers Western Isles
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