Yarrow - Achillea Millefoilum - White Hebrides Wildflowers

Yarrow - White Wildflowers - Western Isles

yarrow, a perennial plant which shows itself each spring from the same roots, forming an expanding clump.

These wildflowers, here in The Western Isles bloom up to September or even October if it is mild.

Lovely clusters of white wildflowers - seen throughout the Western Isles starting to show itself in the spring.

The flowers are Clustered flowerheads of tiny white flowers The yarrow flowers are white, cream or can even be a pale lilac in colour.

Common yarrow has leaves that are greyish green, aromatic, and very finely dissected, like soft dainty ferns. It keeps its leaves in the winter. Young leaves are divided into lacey lobes with hairs scattered over the upper surface, lower surface, and edge. Initially, plants produce leaves in a basal rosette. Basal leaves are numerous and attached to the stem by way of stalks .

A resinoid and glucoside are found in the leaves and stems of this plant, whether green or dry. It is quite toxic and requires only 15-30 grams of green leaves to kill a horse or cow. Livestock can be poisoned in spring, summer or fall.


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Yarrow - Flowerheads
The flower head consists of many small daisy like flowers clustered together in an umbrella shape and are pollinated by insects. The stem is rough and furrowed with white downy hairs.

Achillea - name - derives from......
In Greek mythology it is said to have been used by Achilles to heal his warriors during the battle of Troy - hence the name "Achillea

Common yarrow typically establishes in thin soils where conditions are unfavourable for other plants.

Used In Cosmetics
The yarrow plant is used as an astringent and for cleansing and an addition to skin lotions

Yellow Dye
A Yellow dye can be extracted that is often used as a decorative colour

Wildflowers or Weeds?
Although strictly speaking a weed - this plant has become ever popular with wildflower lovers and the seeds are now sold commercially - allowing people to grow it in their gardens

Hebrides Wildflowers - Dog Violets
Yarrow - Wildflowers

Common Name of 'Soldiers Wound Wort'
This plant is sometimes called 'Soldier's Wound-Wort'. Yarrow has been used to stop bleeding by inserting leaves into the nostrils of wounded soldiers.

Other Common Names
This weed - or wildflower (whichever you think of it as ) has many common names, bad man's plaything, bloodwort, carpenter's grass, carpenter's weed, devil's nettle, devil's plaything.

Dog Daisy - Fernweed- Soldier's woundwort
It is also called dog daisy, fernweed, soldier's woundwort, squirrel tail, staunchgrass, staunchweed, thousand-weed, and yarroway and many more

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