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Western Isles - Isle of Harris - Isle of Lewis - Western Isles - Photos. Hebrides - Hebridean Life
Isle of Harris & Lewis - The Western Isles - The Hebrides - Lovely beaches, great wildlife, wildflowers, bird sightings,history,stunning moorland, birds,rocks, crags, lochs, lochans, machair and wild flowers. The Western Isles birds and flora and wildflowers and wildlife are so stunningly beautiful. The Western Isles are also known as the Outer Hebrides - a chain of islands some 30 miles off the north-west coast of Scotland - Hebridean Islands - Birds of The Hebrides


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Puffin at the Shiants - Western Isles
Puffin at the Shiants - Western Isles  - June
  Guillemot - Western isles bird sightings
Puffin - Western Isles
Puffin - Western Isles

This puffin, so agile as it skimmed the water, near the Shiants in June


A puffin, Western Isles Bird sightings at the Shiants

This pair of guillemots were at the Shiants in June
Dolphin - Marine Life -  Western Isles
Risso Dolphin- Western Isles Marine Wildlife
  Guillemot - Western isles bird sightings
Dolphin - Western Isles
Dolphins - Western Isles
Miavig - Uig

What a treat - en route from Miavig-Uig - to St Kilda in July - on a Seatrek Trip - several common short beaked dolphins just appeared!


Several Dolphins,seen en route to St KIlda from the Seatrek boat

Miavig - Uig - Isle of Lewis on a lovely sunny evening in July
Military Gun on St Kilda - Outer Hebrides
Meadow Pipits - St Kilda - Outer Hebrides
Village Street on St Kilda - Outer Hebrides
Military Gun on St Kilda
Meadow Pipits
Village Street on St Kilda

What a backdrop for this stunning piece of military artillery at St Kilda


Meadow Pipits on Rocks on Hirta - St Kilda.

Tarbert - Isle of Harris - Western Isles  
bird sightings isle of Harris - sanderlings
Meadow Pipit - Balallan - Isle of Lewis -  Western Isles
Tarbert Harbour
Sandlerling - Luskentyre
Meadow Pipit - Western Isles
On a lovely October Saturday, the reflections in the water of the Tarbert Village

Late afternoon in November they were scurrying around the tide line, getting fed well!.

Another meadow pipit seen in our garden at Balallan - Isle of Lewis
Luskentyre - Early Morming Walk in June - Western Isles  
Redshank at Balallan in June
  Razorbills - The Shiants
Luskentyre Morning Walk
Redshank at Balallan
An early morning walk before work on Luskentyre Beach in June

A lovely redshank on the moore ouside our house at Balallan in June

A razorbill, on the cliifs of the Shiants
 Borve - Isle of Harris - Western Isles  
luskentyre beach
  A Pair of Common Seals - South Harris in June
Near Borve - Isle Of Harris
Luskentyre Beach
A Pair of Seals at South Harris
Lovely red rocks against the aqua seas - Isle of Harris - Near Borve

A view taken from the beach at Luskentyre

These common seals just sit there posing for the camera.
luskentyre beach - white horse wandering    Whaling Station Chimney-Bunavondear-Huisisnis - Western Isles    Atmospheric Huisinis Rd - Aug 2010 - Isle of Harris
Luskentyre Beach
Whaling Station Boiling Chimney
Huisinis Road

Luskentyre - lovely white horse - Belle wandering the beach. This photograph has been used on the front cover of the Island Life Magazine 2012

The Old Whaling Station Chimney at Bunavoneader - on the Huisinis Rd
Click for More Info and pics of The Whaling Station.......
Atmospheric clouds along Huisinis Road - Isle of Harris
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle - huisinis road Isle of Harris   
western isles luskentyre - Rocks on the beach
    Huisinis Rd  - Amhuinnsuidhe - Isle of Harris
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle
Red Rocks on Luskentyre Beach
Montbretia - Amhuinnsuidhe

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle - Huisinis Road Isle of Harris - Western Isles History
Click for More Historical Info and pics of Amhuinnsuide Castle.......

Rocks on the Luskentyre Beach - stunning pinky red rocks at the start of Luskentyre beach
The lovely Montbretia, near the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle makes for just stunning Harris scenery
Seal at Luskentyre  
buzzard  - western isles birds
  Near Borve and Horgabost - Isle of Harris
Western Isles Seal
Isle of Harris
The light glimmered to reveal the seal, just posing on the rock at the beginning of the Luskentyre road
Western Isles bird sightings - a buzzard at Uig - Isle of Lewis
This colours of the waters against the lovely rocks were stunning
Bosta Beach - western isles
Traigh an Taoibh Thuath - Scarista - Northton Beach - Isle of Harris
    Rubh an Teampall - Chapel - Northton - Isle of Harris
Bosta Beach - Bernera
Traigh an Taoibh Thuath - Scarista
Medieval Chapel - Northon
An aqua marine sea, against the silky white sand and the grassy moorland, on a perfect day at Bosta Beach, Great Bernera, one of the prettiest beaches in the Western Isles.
This beach as seen from Northton. you are looking across to Scarista and the Harris Hills.
Rubh An Teampaill Medieval Chapel - built on the site of an Iron Age Broch.
Read more and view pics of both the chapel, surroundings and the nearby beaches at Northton.....
Red Deer -Huisinis Rd - Jan 2011 - Isle of Harris Wildlife  
Western Isles Beaches - Luskentyre
  Flodobay - Western Isles
Red Deer - Stag
Hebridean Beaches
The stag looked just stunning outlined against the skyline - Isle of Harris - near Loch Seaforth
Luskentyre beach - Harris - The Western Isles
Flodobay on a peaceful August Sunday this year
Horgabost Beach - Western Isles
mangersta waves hebridean beaches
machair - great bernera-bosta-june2009
Horgabost Beach - South Harris
Mangersta Beach
Machair - Tolsta
This picture taken 30th May 2011 shows how secluded the beach is here, even as its getting to the "tourist season"
On a calm April day - the beach at Mangersta was deserted.
Particular areas of the Western Isles - have their own machairs made up of all different types of wildflowers
Click for More Machair Details....



looking across to Luskentyre Beach on a snowy day Jan 2010   Lewisian Gneiss - Rocks at a  Mealista Beach- Uig - Western Isles   Otter  at Flodabay May 2010 - Isle of Harris
Luskentyre sands
Lewisian Gneiss at Mealista
Otter - Hebridean Wildlife
Looking across to Luskentyre on a lovely bright day - snow on the hills
L layers of different rocks - Lewisian Gneiss at a Mealista Beach
The otters enjoy the sun - Flodobay - Isle of Harris
Traigh Mheilein - Huisinis  - Isle of Harris - Western Isles   luskentyre beach   Grey Heron - Stornoway-Nov2009
Traigh Mheilein - Near Huisinis
Luskentyre Beach
Grey Heron - Stornoway
This hebridean beach has got to rate as one of the best in The Western Isles. Click for More Info and pics of Traigh Mheilein...........

A lovely day in August at Luskentyre beach - Harris.

A lovely grey heron, Stornoway Harbour - the Castle side
Sunrise from the ferry  - crossing to the Western Isles - Harris - Tarbert   husinis Rd -  Isle of Harris   the jetty on The Isle of Scalpay
Sunrise - From Ferry
Huisinis Road
Jetty on The Isle of Scalpay
A lovely sunrise from the Ferry Crossing to Harris

Cloud drama - Huisinis Road - Isle of Harris


Jetty - Isle of Scalpay - Harris - Western Isles

Sunset  - Huisinis Road - Western Isles  
River Creed in the Stornoway Castle Grounds
  bIsle of Scalpay - Western Isles
Sunset - Huisinis Road
Stornoway - River Creed
Isle of Scalpay
A lovely November day draws to a close - Huisinis Road - Isle of Harris
The swirling waters of the River Creed and the Autumnal colours.
The Isle of Scalpay - Harris - Western Isles
Seal at Flodobay - Boxing Day 2012   Rock Pool at Mealista Beach -  outer hebrides    Garry Beach - Isle of Lewis - The Stream
Seal -Isle of Harris
Mealista - Uig
Garry - The Stream
The light on Boxing Day and the sun shining on this seal makes a lovely Harris scene
Stunning rock formations around this rockpool at Mealista near Uig. Click to read about Lewisian Gneiss - the rocks and The Geology of The Islands
Garry - Isle of Lewis - This lovely stream leads down to the beach. The colours are so amazing!


st clements church rodel western isles   From Col Beach - looking across to the mainland - snow covered mountains-Dec2010  
Callanish Stones - Isle of Lewis
St Clement's Church at Rodel
Scene from Col Beach
Callanish Stones

This lovely church on The Isle of Harris,built in 1500 - rebuilt 1784 - then restored 1873 See a video if inside this lovely Rodel church........

You can see the mountains on the mainland covered in snow - taken from Col beach

Prehistoric standing stones at Callanish - Isle of Lewis. Why they were placed here on the Western Isles is still an enigma.

luskentyre beach  - Rainbow
painted lady butterfly garry western isles
  Calf - Huisinis Road -  Isle of Harris
Luskentyre - Rainbow
Green Veined Butterfly
Calf - Huisinis Road

Luskentyre beach - Jan 2012 - a rainbow lights up the hills

A lovely calf seen along the Huisinis Road in March
Iron Age Mill and Kiln - Isle of Lewis - Jun 2010   lemreway south lochs  
iron age house Bosat Great Bernera
Iron Age Mill and Kiln Shawbost
Iron Age House - Bosta

Fishing village - Lemreway Bay South Lochs.

1999 re-construction of pre-Norse houses that were found after excavation . Date from 400 - 800 AD

Stornoway Autumnal Colours  - Rainbow   Broad Bay early morning mist  
the jetty on The Isle of Scalpay
Stornoway Castle - Rainbow
Early Mist - Newmarket
Jetty on The Isle of Scalpay
A lovely rainbow appeared in the skies to light up the castle and Stornoway Harbour
Looking across Broadbay to Stornoway Airport

This jetty surrounded by the houses - at Scalpay - Western Isles

Russian Tall Ship the Mir visits Stornoway
  curlew western isles Feb 2010  
Rainbows at Lochs - Balallan - Lochs - Sept 2011 - Western Isles
Tall Ship - The Mir
Curlew - Isle of Harris
Rainbows at Balallan - Lochs
Magnificent Tall Ship - visits Stornoway July 2011.
More Info & pics of The Tall Ship..........
Curlews seen all over the Western Isles - Harris and Lewis
Rainbows at Balallan, Lochs - Isle of Lewis.
Bosta Beach Western Isles  
Stornoway Castle
   Amhuinnsuidhe - Huisinis Road
Bosta Beach
Stornoway Castle
Amhuinnsuidhe - Huisinis Road

Bosta Beach - The Western Isles - Hebrides.

Stornoway Castle was built originally in 1100.
Lovely Isle of Harris scenery her along the Huisinis Road.
Scalpay Bridge seen from the ferry sept 2009   seal basking western isles May 2009  
Song Thrush  - Stornoway Castle Grounds
Scalpay Bridge
Seal basking - Harris
Song Thrush
A lovely view of Scalpay Bridge as seen from the ferry - Western Isles
A seal resting - near Finsbay Isle of Harris

This thrush was hopping along on the grass in the Stornoway Castle Grounds one Sunday in June

A beach at Mealista -  Western Isles   Atmospheric Huisinis Rd - Aug 2010 - Isle of Harris  
 Huisinis Road - Hebridean Black Sheep Amomg the Irises - Western Isles
Mealista Beaches
Huisinis Road
Huisinis Road - Hebridean Sheep
This beach is often called The Secret Beach by locals!
Atmospheric weather along Huisinis Road - Aug 2010
Black Hebridean sheep amongst the Irises along The Huisinis Rd
Kirkibost Pier  - Bernara  - Isle of Lewis   isle-of-lewis  
Blue Grey LIchen on the ROcks - Western Isles
Kirkibost Pier - Bernara
Beautiful Island Scenery
Blue Grey Lichen

A working pier in a lovely setting - Kirkibist - Bernera

This is just one of the beautiful Island roads - harris - Western Isles

Lichen - plants or organisms /funghi So many different types f
Click for Lichen Details..........
Gannet - St Kilda - Western Isles Bird Sightings
puffin isle of harris may 2009
Sunrise - Balallan - Lochs - Western Isles
Gannet - St Kilda
Puffin - Isle of Harris
Sunrise - Balallan - Lochs
This gannet's chicks are called "guga"
Read about The Guga Hunt at Ness.........
Puffin seen from the ferry travelling out of Tarbert
Sunrise at Balallan - Lochs - Isle of Lewis - November 2011
Western Isles BIrd Sightings - Western Isles Wildflowers - Western Isles Wildlife

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