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The Isle of Lewis - The Outer Hebrides- - Western Isles - Photos.
The Isle of Lewis is steeped in history and culture, ranging back thousands of years. Ancient stone circles, wild moorlands, stunning beaches and much more The Isle of Lewis has only town,Stornoway and three-quarters of the population of the Western Isles live in Lewis. Gaelic is spoken alongside English in The Isle of Lewis.


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Isle of Lewis - Page 1 Isle of Lewis - Page 2

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From Col Beach - looking across to the mainland - snow covered mountains-Dec2010  
Broad Bay early morning mist
meadow pipit tolsta Balallan western isles
Scene from Col Beach
Early Morning Mist - Newmarket
Meadow Pipit - Balallan

You can see the mountains on the mainland covered in snow - taken from Col beach - Dec 2nd 2010
The view looking across to Broad Bay as seen from our Front Windows at Newmarket - Isle of Lewis - so pretty.
There were about twelve meadow pipits, all flitting around ouside our house on the moors - May 2013. I had thought it was a rock pipit - but am informed that as this bird has pinkish legs and is olive coloured, then almost certainly it is a meadow pipit
Miavig - Uig - Isle of Lewis  
Another view of the lovely Broch at Carloway
  Callanish Stones - Isle of Lewis
Miavig - Uig - Isle of Lewis
The Broch - Isle of Lewis
Callanish Stones
On a lovely evening in August - Miavig pier - Uig - Isle of Lewis
The broch at Carloway - Iron Age structure - really amazing inside chambers - circular stairs and several floors. See more pictures of inside the broch and read about when and why it was built........

These prehistoric standing stones are splendid. Why they were placed here in the Isle of Lewis is still an enigma.

Near the Seatrek Departures - Harbour - Isle of Lewis   Kneep Pier - Jetty Near Reef Beach - Isle of Lewis   Near Uig - Isle of Lewis
Isle of Lewis
Kneep Pier
Scene Near Uig
The gorse adds to the scene at the harbour near where the Seatrek departs for boat trips on Lewis
The jetty at Kneep near to the REef Beach - Isle of Lewis
The colours of the moor against the blue of the sky and loch are stunning
herring girl statue in Stornoway harbour   stornoway harbour march 2009   Inside the Arnol Blackhouse
Stornoway Herring Girl Statue
Stornoway - Western Isles
Inside the Arnol Blackhouse
This statue commemorates the herring girls of Stornoway. The herring industry contributed..READ MORE ABOUT THE HERRING GIRLS....
View from the castle grounds opposite April 2009
The blackhouses were houses for both animals and humans. There was no chimney and a peat fire was lit at all times in the centre of the kitchen and living area. Click Here to Read More........
reef beach near uig isle of lewis  
herring gull  -  western isles
  Valtos beach - western isles
Reef (Riof )Beach - Traigh na Beirghe
Herring Gull - Lewis
Valtos (Bhaltos) Beach - UIg
A long, sweeping, and usually deserted beach! Sheltered by the islands of Pabaigh, Bhacasaigh and Siaram.
Stornoway - a herring gull in the harbour

The lovely Valtos beach - just a little way from the Reef beach is beautiful.

looking down on garra beach tolsta - western isles    garry beach - isle of lewis Apr 2009   Kirkibost-pier-western-isles
Garry Beach - Tolsta
Garry Beach Tolsta
Kirkibost Pier
Taken from the cliff tops after crossing"The Bridge to Nowhere"
Garry Beach - Tolsta - Isle of Lewis - A lovely rock formation.

Kirkibost Pier - Isle of Lewis - a working pier - The Western Isles

bosta beach Great Bernera Idle of Lewis   Scenes en route - walk  from Valasay to Bosta   Bosta Beach Western Isles
Bosta Beach - Great Bernera
Near Valasay
Bosta Beach
Bosta Beach - Isle of Lewis
Great Bernera Beach
A scene en route - a walk from Valasay to Bosta

Bosta Beach - The Western Isles

bosta beach isle of hebrides Apr 2009   Whisky Galore cave - Garry beach - Western Isles   dramatic scenery Great Bernera
Tolsta - Serenity
Cave - Garry Beach
Great Bernera Drama
Serenity - A peaceful walk Tolsta - Traig Mhor

The cave is completely covered when the tide comes in

Great colours in this dramatic scene - the skies were so wild

sunset near triupan lighthouse butt of lewis Apr 2009   butt of lewis sunset   mievaig great bernera western isles
Sunset - Butt of Lewis
Isle of Lewis - Sunset
Mievaig - Great Bernera
As the sun sets near the Triumpan
Lighthouse - Butt of Lewis
Another view of the sun setting on the Isle of Lewis

I snapped this on as we passed by the lovely Mievaig village

highland western isles cow - great backdrop great bernera   bosta beach isle of hebrides Apr 2009   bosta beach april 2009 western isles
HIghland Cow - Great Bernera
Bosta - Outer Hebrides
Bosta Beach - Great Bernera
What a backdrop for this rather large highland cow on Great Bernera
Another view of the rocks at Bosta Beach the Isle of Lewis

Another view looking out from the lovely Bosta Beach

bosta looking out to sea in the western isles April 2009   Scenery looking down from Bridge to Nowhere- Western Isles   top of the dunes traigh mhor tolsta mar 2009
Bosta Beach
Scenery from Bridge to Nowhere
Dunes - Traigh Mhor - Tolsta
Looking out to sea from the lovely Bosta Beach Great Bernera
Looking out to sea from the Bridge to Nowhere - Lewis
View looking down on Traigh Mhor Beach Tolsta from the tops
Rainbow at Kinloch - Isle of Lewis - Western Isles Mealista - Western Isles valtos beach isle of lewis
Kinloch - Rainbow
Mealista - Near Uig
Valtos (Bhaltos) Beach
Travelling from Stornoway towards Harris - we saw this lovely rainbow
Mealista - near Uig -Isle of Lewis
Breaking waves at Valtos Beach near Uig
Isle of Lewis - Snow scene November 2010  
Another view of the Phentland Road
  Snowy Scenes late November 2010 - Isle of Lewis
Snow Scene - Nov 2010
Scenery - Phentland Rd
Snowy November in Lewis
Snowy scene - Isle of Lewis - late November - near Loch Seaforth
The Old and The New - The remains of an old building in the foreground - the 3 wind turbines in the rear.
Actually only a slight covering of snow - so pretty though - Nov 2010
Isle of Lewis - Snow scene November 2010   Isle of Lewis - Snow scene November 2010   The snow covered mainland hills - seen from Col Beach  - Dec 2010
Snow Scenery - Isle of Lewis
Long and Winding Rd
View from Col Beach
Snowy scenes - Western Isles beauty - late November 2010
A scenic drive shows us the long and winding road in the snow
The view of the snow covered hills on the mainland - taken from Col Beach - Dec 2nd 2010
THe Lone Piper - Western Isles   Fun Scarecrow near Uig - Western Isles  
Another view of the Phentland Road
The Lone Piper - Near Uig - Mar 2012
Scarecrow - 2011 - Near Uig
Stormy Seas - Mangersta
This is just one of the splendid displays that someone regularly treats us to - near Uig - Lewis,, look out for different ones which just appear as if by magic - Thank you, they are just great!
These scarecrows really are a work of art, the artist has a great sense of humour and fun - Near Uig - Isle of Lewis
The waves just pounded the rocks at Mangersta - near Uig - Isle of Lewis.
Bog Bean - Near Uig
  Wildflowers - Western Isles Bog Bean near Uig  
Moorland- Mealista - Uig
Bog Bean
Bog bean - near Uig
Moorland Mealista

Bog bean - aquatic plant with large leaves - . Common in the bogs and lochs in The Western Isles
Click Here for More Details.......

Lovely bog br=ean in a loch near Uig -stunning pinky-white-wildflowers
Moorland near Mealista - near Uig - Isle of Lewis.
The flag on the Calmac Ferry
Flag on the Calmac Ferry
As we left Lewis - the flag on the ferry - and the glinting sea.


Isle of Lewis - Page 1 Isle of Lewis - Page 2

The northern part of the Western Isles - known as Lewis, which is not an isle on its own, but is joined to Harris in the south. Between the two, is a range of mountains. The Isle of Lewis is the larges and most northern island of the Outer Hebrides. The northern part of the island is largely flat, with much peat land, but has some gorgeous beaches on its coastline edges.

The south part of the island has dramatic scenery, with remote hills around Uig and the Pairc peninsula. The beautiful hills of the Isle of lewis are rugged and spectacular.


The day to day life on Lewis is different to that on the mainland. The Sundays are to a great extent kept sacred, the observance of the Sabbath being just one thing that visitors will notice.

Another is that the Gaelic language which has been passed down the generations is still spoken by quite a few people.


Also, tourists might notice the piles of peat that are laid around, as many locals still cut the peat and leave to dry, to use for heating on coal fires

The traditional industries of crofting, fishing also feature in the islands day to day living although now, not nearly as much as they have in the past.


Weaving also, still plays a part in the Islands life although it is actually Lewis that is now the main centre for the Harris Tweed industry. The popularity of the tweed was certainly waning somewhat recently, however the pure quality and indeed new designs and a little more innovative marketing seems to be ensuring that the tradition lives on. Indeed the tweed is being exported to places like China, where it is becoming ever popular.


The main fishing fleet is somewhat reduced from its heyday, but together with fish farms and the onshore processing and transportation, the fishing industry as a whole is still a major employer. The public sector however is the biggest employer, involving 40% of today’s working population.


Historically the Isle of Lewis and The Isle of Harris have gone their separate ways, despite the existence of the common clan surname Macleod. - however today The Isle of Lewis and Harris are more united with the Western isles Council - the Comhairle nan Eilean Star, playing a great role in their present day

The Isle of Lewis is and island where culture and history have played and indeed still play a great part in the current life. Gaelic is still spoken readily by a lot of the locals - although most of the local people speak English as well. Most of the Isle is covered in blankets of peat and the rugged landscape and the beautiful beaches really do make Lewis and Island to remember.
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