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Huisinis - 2 miles along the main road from Tarbert to Stornoway, a junction and a road forking to the left, the B887. A single track winding road with ultimately takes you to Huisinis Beach and North Huisinis looking towards The Island of Scarp. There is also a beautiful beach Traigh Mheilein, accessed by scrambling up the rocky coastline - well worth the walk.
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The Start of Your Journey - Huisinish Road B887 - Winding Single Track Road
On the main Tarbert to Stornoway Road - a couple of miles north of Tarbert is the Huisinis Road signposted west to Huisinis on the B887. A lovely single track road which along the road you will encompass 15 miles of glorious scenery.

The road first passes through Bunabhainneadar with the brick tower of the whaling station on the shore below. Here there are views to the south is the island of Taransay, a remoter island no longer inhabited (since 1942). Taransay, more recently achieved fame as home in 2000 to a group of people as part of the TV programme "Castaway".


Golden Eagle Observatory
About three miles along the Huisinis Road - you will see on your right - parking places, you can park your car and walk to the Eagle Observatory which is located in the heart of a Golden Eagle territory within the spectacular Harris hills. The North Harris Eagle Observatory provides one of the best opportunities in Scotland for viewing this iconic species .commanding views up Glen Meavaig, from which you can see the daily activities of the resident pair of golden eagles.

Amhuinnsuidhe Castle
Ten miles up the Huisinis Rd the road rises the slope and passes through a set of gates (always open) where you drive through essentially what is the Amhuinnsuidhe Castle front gardens. The road runs rounds the end of Loch Leosavay and continues west.

Huisinis Beach and settlement
Once you reach the end of the amazing Huisinis road - you will see ahead the Huisinis settlement or village, which is now just a few cottages and crofts. You can park the car and wander the beach.

Final Surprise - North Huisinis

- Traigh Mhelein Beach - Scarp
You may think that this is the end of your journey, but DONT miss out on the rest. The road actually ends at the Sound of Scarp which separates Huisinis from the island of Scarp.

If you wish to explore the rest - then you can either continue just a few yards along the road - where on your right you will see what looks almost like just a sandy dirt track - it is actually drivable - and is only very short - it leads to another car park. If you prefer you can just walk this bit. The road/track leads to North Huisinis - where you can look straight across the sea to the Island of Scarp. In 1881 there were still living on the island 213 persons, but through the 1900's the population became less and less till in 196y the school closed, the post office closed in 1969 and in 1971 the last two permanent residents moved away from the island.

Scarp was also famous for the failed attempt to improve the poor inter-island communications that contributed to its demise. On 28 July 1934, the German rocket scientist Scarp, including a letter written to mark the occasion by the King. Unfortunately the rocket exploded on launch. The scattered and singed mail was collected by the Harris postmaster, marked to record it had been "Damaged by explosion at Scarp, Harris", and delivered by more conventional means. A later rocket fired from Scarp to Huisinis was successful, but the idea never caught on.


Traigh Mheilein a beautiful Western Isles beach with pure white fine sand - lies opposite the Island of Scarp. It is a very peaceful Harris beach as it can only be reached by either walking and climbing. From the North side of Huisinis - you take a path - which involves more "scrambling" and climbing than walking - however the views as you traverse the cliffy moorland are well worth it - as is this wonderful beach.

Golden Road - Isle of Harris
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle - Isle of Harris - Western Isles - This lovely Scottish castle sits by the river and has played quite a part in Scottish history. The castle was built in the 1860's has quite a history. It is now owned by the residents of North Harris and Ian Scarr-Hall..Amhuinnsuidhe is the Gaelic for sitting by the river and that's just what this luxurious castle does .....

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